4 Tips for Managing Multiple Projects

  1. Complete the time allocation chart to find the time you have available to give to the projects.
  2. Define the projects and their needs.
    • Establish your goals.
      • Set time limits appropriate for completing each project. Give a little leeway as needed.
      • Set deadlines for each project
  3. Make a plan and execute it
    1. Alternate tasks – come to a stopping point before switching to a new task
    2. Prioritize the task. This is important to note in scheduling deadlines. You need to make sure that projects that require a lot of work are adequately planned for and that projects that are due soon are scheduled accordingly.
  4. Finds ways to make yourself more efficient.
    1. What time of day are you at your peak? (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night)
    2. You should already know what supplies and tools you need as well, so the schedule of when and where you will work on the project. Being sure that you have all the supplies you need in advance reduces time wasted.
    3. Eliminate extra steps.
    4. Use time spent waiting for the next step of one project to be ready, to work on another project that can be stopped with little complication.

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