Shalyse’s Autumn favorites

The best way to give your event flair is to insert your seasonal favorites or favorite seasonal items into every aspect of the event.

Remember a few tips when doing this:

Be selective. Don’t try to incorporate everything about the season, even if it is the chosen theme. We want to be careful, as to not overwhelm guest.

Think minimalist. This ties into being selective in many ways. Maybe you will decide to do minimal decor with a few candles and linens for a dinner party that is seasonal colors, or you’ll perhaps use neutral colors and make eye-catching centerpieces. Keep my next tip in mind when making this decision.

Guest comfort. Again we don’t want guest feeling overwhelmed. Think of how you want your guest to feel before choosing decor, sitting arrangements, and menu; then look at your budget.
Establish a workable budget. You should always allocate a set amount to spend on your event. A budget helps to set the tone for most everything about the event. If you want a lot of people at your event, but have a small budget, you have to make crucial and detailed decisions on everything from the type of invitations,  the kind of event, dress code, time of day, theme… I think you get my point that the budget decides everything.

Now for the fun part. Personally, I am an earthy type of girl. I love nature, so following the seasons for eventspiration is a must for any event I host for friends and family.

Here is a list of my favs that I pick from.


Wire garlands



Caramel apples


Nuts in general

Knit/crochet items

Earth tones/ darker shades of yellow/gold/orange/ red




Freshly baked bread ( We always have at least one loaf of fresh-baked bread at our household events. It makes the house smell divine, and sets the tone for a warm atmosphere to your guest.)

Corn (Depending on the even,t real corn is so much more inviting and homey. Otherwise, fake corn can be used as well to make lovely tablescapes.)


Fire/ wood fire ( Again this is dependent on the event type, theme, and venue.)

Cranberry ( Late Autumn.)

Pine cones (This is also sometimes dependent on the geographical location and popularity, but scented pine cones are a cheap and effective way to add a warm scent, that is not overwhelming when candles are not an option.)

Hot chocolate


Blanket forts ( Another event-specific item, but worthy of its own post. Keep an eye out for this one.)



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