My top 2 organizing tips

# 1 Messy ≠ disorganized.

There is such thing as an organized mess. What may look like chaos to you can actually be a system unique to that person. This is one of the reasons why it can take so long for people to get organized. Not every method works the same for each person. It takes a lot of trial and error and picking different ways of organizing specific areas and integrating it to help so people.

Just remember. Don’t aim for the idea of organized. Personally, my goal is always to be streamlined and to minimize things in my life.

#2 Organization is a mental thing.

I’m an organized person, but if my head isn’t in it ( because I’m stressed, I’ve overextended myself by underestimating the time I needed, etc.),  I will stray away from my list calendar and deadlines.

It is really crucial to sit down with yourself when you first decide to get organized (and every so often after, maybe once a month to every 3 months) to evaluate your efforts:
Why you are getting organized?
What has hampered you in the past?
How do you plan to get organized?
And, when you would like to see the change by?

You should also work on time allocating.

2 thoughts on “My top 2 organizing tips

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