My wedding planning motto

“So long as our love shall last.”

has always been a powerful mantra to me when it comes to marriage.

In simple terms, this means that at the anniversary of your union, you come back to each other to reaffirm your love and vows. However, if you discover that your feeling are not the same and you no longer wish to be in this union, you are always free to leave without the nasty side effects that usually come with it.
The point behind this is that having these words as part of your vows allows a couple to enter into a union knowing that they are not being forced or coerced in any way, which unfortunately does happen. As the overlying words over the marriage, it is the hope that the union will be happy and provide a reminder that problems should be talked about freely with little to no fear.

So this isn’t about taking marriage for granted. To me, this mantra is about remembering why you fell in love in the first place. It’s about reminding people to communicate, respect, love, and trust.

So when I plan a wedding, I need to remember these words and reflect them in every aspect of the marriage.


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