Intern Event- Senior Administration Holiday Reception

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Well technically this event occurred after my internship was over, but all the planning happened before the semester ended and since I live in Arlington I was able to be present for the event. Yay! So this event took place in the Hospitality Suite of the College Park Center on campus. This suite is definitely on my list of top favorite indoor event locations on campus. The room easily accommodated close to 100 people without it feeling cramped, yet provided a small enough venue to allow for intimacy and mingling among the guest. You really couldn’t hide in that room.

I designed a room centerpiece, and with the help of my Internship supervisor, we made it come to life. The basic concept was to have a three-tier centerpiece to be the focal point of the room. This was constructed by using two different sizes of serp tables and a cocktail table in the middle to give a tree-like-effect. We then used regular white tablecloths to give the appearance of “snow” and Ice blue satin table runners and Silver tissue lame table runners to offer pops of colors.  The ice sculpture that was put on the center cocktail table of the centerpiece was made by Cold Fusion Ice Sculptures. I helped to make the design for it and spent a good deal of time making a guide based on the specification we discussed. The point of the centerpiece was to offer an eye-catching and conversation-starting display for the refreshments, that was easily accessible. We also used Ice blue satin rounds to cover the cocktail tables and any rounds and runners that were left were used to give a base for the decorations that outlined the room. For the decoration, we used silver and white faux and tinsel trees, as well as silver, white and blue ornaments the special events team owned.

The fare for this event was meant to be heavy yet bite size to encourage conversation, and we used small plates to make sure that guest didn’t pile their plates and focus solely on eating. Catering included the following:

  • A traditional carving station with condiments and rolls ( Roasted turkey). Carver included
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit with Domestic and Imported cheese and Gourmet Crackers.
  • A dessert crêpe station with cherries, blueberries, strawberries, hazelnut spread and chocolate pieces. Also included Whipped cream
  • A Seafood Station including pan-seared scallops, Smoked salmon, crab salad, and shrimp romesco
  • Hors-d’oeuvre including Gyro Bites, Stuffed Asiago-Basil Mushrooms, and mixed Olive crostini
  • Drink station on the far left of the room that included hot tea and coffee as well as eggnog. Additional ground cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and hazelnut syrup made available
  • Host Bar with beer and wine made available.



Things I learned:

Fabrics can be fragile in person, than what they appear on-screen.

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