Letting my creativity flow and enhancing my knowledge.

As a 21-year-old soon to be college grad, that has participated in many student organizations at The University of Texas at Arlington, I have some experience in event planning and coordinating. At least enough to know that it is something I love and a career I could see myself growing into.  Event planning involves some of my favorite things, two of which are organization and never-ending opportunities to learn something new.

I set about supplementing my experience with events, by taking a class in event planning, becoming certified, and participating in a for credit internship the Fall 2014 semester of my senior year. I have now set out to learn who I am as a planner. Taking into account the above mentioned favorite parts of planning, I decided to start a blog. What better way to explore who you are, keep current and keep things organized than putting into a public format that forces you to think critically?

So now here we are. The start of something new (and my favorite High School Musical song pops into my head). This blog will be a mix of the professional and personal. Sometimes you have to give a bit of yourself to really give your events that signature flare, so why not start searching now?

We will start with a brief reflection on the past as I summarize some of the events I helped plan during my internship, and parts of my past projects from last year’s certification course. After I complete that I will move into designing simulated events, that represent the wide range of events. I’ll also be posting an interesting article about this path every once-in a while. Most importantly, I hope I will be able to start a dialogue with people who are planners.

I look forward to this grand learning experience.




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