Intern Event- AAFSA Reception

Linens seen in the above are Sienna Lamour.

During my internship with the Special Events Department in the Office of Development, of the University of Texas at Arlington, I participated in the planning and implementation of many events. One of the events I helped to plan, was the African-American Faculty and Staff Association Reception.

This event took place in the University Club, a restaurant on campus that caters to the faculty and staff of the university. It is a beautiful space and perfect for this reception. The University club comes decor ready for an event, with a warm and relatively neutral color scheme, a glass art wall ( depicted above), lounge area, floor to ceiling windows that offer an excellent view of the outside seating area and a digital piano for that extra amusement in your event. The restaurant style seating consists of booths lining the inside left-wall and a precise scattering of small round dining tables (which comfortably seats four diners), that follow the river shaped tiled walkway that leads to the private dining room in the rear (which we used to house the refreshments for this event). Extra perks consist of special lighting in the ceiling that follows the same shape as the walkway, a salad and soup bar area that can easily be used as another surface for displays (at this event we turned it into a dessert bar), and adjustable lighting.

The University of Texas Arlington has a preference that people using their event space use the on-campus catering service for all catering need. Aramark is excellent at making sure all catering related needs are met and that all food items are up to par. Being a vegetarian myself, I was delighted with how accommodating they were and the lengths that they took to ensure that all in attendance enjoyed the fare.  Here follows the menu for this event which was a 100 piece china service for a buffet style reception with assorted appetizers (both light and heavy since the event was during dinner hour).

  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit with Domestic cheese and gourmet cracker
  • Mini burger station with toppings ( blue cheese crumble, pepper jack, caramelized onions, and bacon bits) and sauces ( Dijon mustard, chipotle mayo, and mayo).
  • Stuff Asiago Basil Mushrooms These were divine!
  • Warm Pablano Onion Dip
  • Sweet Potato Fries with topping ( brown sugar, cinnamon, cayenne, chipotle ranch dip
  • Sweet and spicy Jalapeno Poppers
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Grilled Portobello Lovely as well!
  • Assorted pies ( Pumpkin, Pecan, chocolate and lemon meringue)
  • Coffee, Scarlet Punch, and tea
  • On consumption bar
  • Red and White wine
  • Regular drinks

We decided to spend luxuriously on other portions of this event as well, which provided an excellentBeYC5UuCAAAiM1j experience for me. I received a crash course in floral arrangements using maroon, yellow, and white with specks of green Daisies and P with fern leaves for embellishment, set in assortment glass vases the Special events team owned.

In all this was one of the most valuable experiences I had as a budding planner.




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