Event Storytelling

-- a quick guide to establishing a brand and build a PR base for whatever you are selling. When you host an event, you have established an intended purpose or message. To spend time with family, to have fun, to advertise a product, to introduce a person. How you convey that message is event storytelling. … Continue reading Event Storytelling

Easy Steps Start Organizing your Budget

Treat Yourself Nothing makes budgeting more miserable than going from home to work and back again just to pay the bills all the time. This is part of why people tend to overspend. The indulge without planning. One built it fail safe for your budget is to set aside a certain amount for you to indulge … Continue reading Easy Steps Start Organizing your Budget

But I don’t have a regular schedule

When you have a fluctuating schedule it is very difficult to organize your time. Here are some tips to helping you get your schedule to be manageable. Understand that you can not plan your schedule as easily and account for that limitation. Plan "Me time" at least once per week. Even 15 minutes a day … Continue reading But I don’t have a regular schedule

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The Importance of sleep and a morning routine.

THIS POST IS PART OF DESIGN AND SCHEME’S  B2S PREP WEEK. You probably know what it feels like to be exhausted and still have a list of things to do. You  probably also know what the difference is in the work you produce when you are well rested. because of this we can see that getting … Continue reading The Importance of sleep and a morning routine.

Creating a study schedule

THIS POST IS PART OF DESIGN AND SCHEME'S  B2S PREP WEEK. Having a study schedule, just like any other process for time management, helps you stay on track and be flexible. Your study schedule lets you know what to do to meet your academic and/or  knowledge goals. To create your study schedule  first you must … Continue reading Creating a study schedule

Basic Locker/ Backpack/ Binder

THIS POST IS PART OF DESIGN AND SCHEME'S  B2S PREP WEEK. Staying organized helps you to keep track of your necessities and always keep them within reach. This Basics guide helps you to make sure you have all the things you need without the unnecessary extras and to keep your study material organized. Basic locker organization … Continue reading Basic Locker/ Backpack/ Binder

Study tips to try this upcoming semester

This post is part of design and scheme's  B2s prep week. ~Thoroughly complete all readings~ Many students do not complete their reading for their classes and this can really impact your grade depending on how you learn. Reading the educational material allows you gain context so that you can place facts in a story line. … Continue reading Study tips to try this upcoming semester

Event Storytelling – Part 2

Last week discussed what event storytelling is, how to begin planning your event, and the announcements. Now let's continue to discuss the basics of designing your event production. 3) Develop the scene You have established you process and sent out your invitation. Now it's time to buckle down and find each piece of the puzzle. … Continue reading Event Storytelling – Part 2

Let’s Talk – July 2016

Function Over Form Function in this instance is a specific purpose an object exist to be used for. Form is the shape of a thing or the way it is seen or experienced. The discussion  between function and form is essentially the argument over aesthetic pleasure and the usefulness of an object. However, the distinction is one … Continue reading Let’s Talk – July 2016